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Leads and Prospecting

Producer Resources LLC does not offer or subsidize lead programs. Our philosophy is to offer higher compensation than normally is offered by other similar organizations. 

Lead generation is the toughest part of our business and can be expensive. However,

at times we will forward leads & referrals to our active producers.

We are constantly following and testing various lead programs and sharing our experience.

Direct Mail Lead Vendors

There are many lead vendors to choose from. The first consideration is the vendor's  reputation and quality of services offered.  Cost is also a main concern, most lead vendors sell leads by volume usually in blocks of 1,000 or more. Some lead vendors will offer a flat rate per lead. The key difference is the volume method is not the number of leads you may receive,

it is the number of direct mail leads they will drop in the areas you select.

Below is not a complete list of vendors, it is a list of vendors we have had a good experience with in the past and excellent service.

       Phone number: 1-888-267-3165, email address:

Internet & Social Media Leads

The are hundreds of websites, below we list the top 50 sites, we also included an article listing the 15 biggest social media sites. Regarding insurance lead generation, there are 3 primary strategies in how to generate insurance leads online - Google, Facebook, & Youtube.

15 biggest social media sites pic.JPG
Top 50 Websites.JPG
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