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Three Great Final Expense Plans


1. Great Assurance® plan: This Immediate Death Benefit, first-day coverage plan is for those in good health.

  • Issue ages: 50–85 years old

  • Minimum face amount: $2,500

  • Maximum face amount: $40,0001 for issue ages 50–80; $25,0001 for issue ages 81–85

  • Accelerated Death benefit: lump sum payment based on the present value of the death benefit, included at no extra cost

  • Accidental Death benefit: optional rider only available at the time of issue for a small premium; pays the full face amount, in addition to the policy’s death benefit


2. Graded Benefit Plan: This Graded Death Benefit plan is for those who have some health conditions.

  • Issue ages: 50–85 years old

  • Minimum face amount: $2,500

  • Maximum face amount: $40,0001 for issue ages 50–80; $25,0001 for issue ages 81–85

  • 30% of face amount within Year 1; 70% within Year 2; 100% at Year 3+


3. Guaranteed Assurance Plan: This Guaranteed Issue Plan requires no health screening. 

  • Issue ages: 40–80 years old

  • Minimum face amount: $1,000

  • Maximum face amount: $25,0001

  • Limited Death benefit: pays 110% of the base coverage premium minus any loan or the full death benefit if the death is accidental death within Years 1 and 2.2 After 2 years, the full death benefit amount is paid.


Optional Child/Grandchild Protection rider 

  • Available for all three plans at the time of application or during a qualifying event 

  • Add to policies with a minimum face amount of $5,000 for only $1 per month. This single monthly premium covers all eligible children and grandchildren, and there is no limit on the number of covered children or grandchildren. 

  • Pays a one-time benefit of $2,500 on the death of a dependent child or grandchild


Great service

We’re the life insurance company for you — your one-stop shop.

  • Outstanding Agent Sales Support

  • 100% electronic, including signature options

    • Voice authorization signature for telephonic sales

    • Electronic signature options work on all devices — even tablets or cell phones

  • New MyEnroller 4.0 with instant-decisioning underwriting 

  • Claim payments within 5 days on average3

  • No additional licensing or certificates are required to sell the three new products

  • Free sales and marketing materials in English and Spanish

  • Sales tools and training

Elevating Expectations Training.JPG

Note: "Click on the images or buttons to view documents" 

Final Expense Training Presentation

State Availability.jpg

State Availability

GWIC Website User_Guide.JPG

Website Users Guide


Product Highlights

Wellabe My enroller cvr pg.jpg

 My Enroller Users Guide

GWIC Agents Field Manual.jpg

Agent Field Guide

 My Enroller Quick Users Guide

FE Health Questions.jpg

Health Questions


Rate Sheet

GWIC Sample Application.JPG

Sample Application

Voice Auth.jpg

Voice Authorization

Wellabe My enroller Quik Start cvr pg.jpg

Consumer Marketing Materials

GWIC FE Marketing Materials.JPG

Marketing Materials

FE Brochure.jpg

Consumer Brochure

Planning Guide.JPG

My Planning Guide

GWIC Consumer Brchr Spanish.JPG

Consumer Brochure

  • GWIC is 100% paperless and electronic-only Final Expense application.

  • For any questions about MyEnroller the electronic e-application tool, see the training video below, the Agent field manual attached, the agent portal online, or please contact Agent Care by calling 866-252-5594, option 2.

  • MyEnroller training video:

  • MyEnroller demo Link:

    • Username: testgwic1

    • Password: Myenroller11

  • Link to view other FE’s training videos:

    • GWIC New Final Expense product training: 3 products on 1 app video recording: 


    • Field underwriting training:

    • Click here to watch a welcome video by Tom Swank, chief executive officer.

    • Click here to watch a welcome video by Dennis Case, chief sales officer.

    • Click here to watch a welcome video by Aaron Young, national sales distribution director.

  • GWIC Quote - Quoting website: Provide a quick quote with GWIC Quote. This tool allows you to easily select benefit options to create a customized quote in seconds with no username and password requirements. Visit to get started. Be sure to save it as an icon on your smartphone and add it to your internet browser favorites.

  • Attached is the Agent Field Manual and here is a link to view an online version of the Agent Field manual -

Updated version will be shared soon.

  • Underwriting: If it is not clear if your client qualifies for the Level Death benefit under the Assurance Plus plan, call our prescreen line, (800) 626-2068, Monday Friday, from 7 am 5pm CST, to speak with an underwriter. Prescreens are not a guarantee of eligibility for Level Death benefit coverage.

  • Agent Sales Support: Email or call (866) 252-5594 option 2, Monday Friday, from 7:30 am - 5pm CST, to speak with agent sales support about any questions that you might have about the agent portal, ordering supplies, E app, and more.

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