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The Infinite Banking Concept© is built on the premise of "becoming your own banker." Developed by Nelson Nash, creator of the Nelson Nash Institute, it is designed to educate and inspire your clients to take control of their financial lives by reclaiming the banking function from commercial institutions.

Rather than borrow money from a bank to make other purchases, the Infinite Banking Concept demonstrates how your clients can use the cash values in a whole life policy—through policy loans—to fund those purchases. For example, if someone with a whole life policy wishes to purchase a car, they could take the cash value to pay for the car. Then, the discipline is to repay those car payments to their policy rather than the traditional bank. Through this approach to personal finance, the Infinite Banking Concept becomes a tool your clients can use to build a better retirement.

What Infinite Banking can do for you

  • Infinite Banking gives your clients the foundational financial wisdom that will help them understand personal finance like never before. With that knowledge, your clients can create their own banking system using the dividend-paying, permanent life insurance you sell.

  • In addition to the many benefits you receive from the Infinite Banking Concept,  you can also take advantage of the many other training and support opportunities offered by the Nelson Nash Institute.

How Mutual Trust Supports Infinite Banking

  • Ongoing support from a dedicated Infinite Banking Coordinator – Our in-house coordinator is dedicated to assisting you with any software, training, or marketing material questions.

  • Quarterly webinars – Our in-house coordinator facilitates quarterly webinars to discuss the latest trends in Infinite Banking as well as the insurance industry as a whole.

  • Additional Reimbursement Available – The cost of Infinite Banking training, and forums are eligible for reimbursement through the Mutual Trust Education Reimbursement Program. The current levels of educational reimbursement are based on NBC production. To learn more about our Education Reimbursement Program, "Click here".

  • Integration with our Century II illustration software – Our Century II illustration system is designed to account for Infinite Banking scenarios.



  • The Nelson Nash Institute offers several books and multimedia resources to help get you started. "Click here" to see the latest offers.


If you need assistance with Infinite Banking or would like to learn more about the program, contact our Infinite Banking coordinator:

Richard Weizeorick
(800) 323-7320

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