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Signature Whole Life

Product Overview


Signature Whole Life Insurance is designed to provide permanent coverage. The coverage and the financial benefits provided will be there when it is needed, no matter when that may be. Signature Whole Life provides a stable premium, a guaranteed death benefit, and cash values. It also provides the potential to receive policy dividends.

Issue Ages:     0-80 (Non-Nicotine)                  Face Amounts:  $10,000-$10,000,000

                       18-75 (Nicotine)

Guaranteed Values

  • Premiums – Signature WL premiums are fixed at the beginning of the policy and will not increase, regardless of health or age.

  • Cash Value – The guaranteed cash value will grow each year at a fixed rate and be able to borrow in the event of a financial emergency or other needs.

  • Death Benefit


Dividends: Non-Guaranteed Potential

  • Cash

  • Premium Reduction

  • Dividend Accumulation

  • Paid up Additions



Riders Included with no additional premium

  • Accelerated Benefits Rider

Riders available for an additional premium

  • Disability Waiver of Premium

  • Accidental Death

  • Guaranteed insurance option rider

  • Childrens insured rider

  • Paid up additions rider

  • Signature Term rider for primary insured and One other insured

 Brochures, Rates & Guides
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